Meet the team: PhDs

Sabrina N. Autenrieth (M.A.)


Sabrina studied Pre- and Protohistory at Kiel University (Germany) specializing in Neolithic house structures, megaliths and material culture.

The aim of Sabrina’s research within this project is to identify a potential correspondence between the rise and fall of watery depositions and dry-land depositions, the inner structure of depositions, as well as to reveal whether objects deposited in dry lands represent a practice steered by ideas and motivations contrasting from those of river depositions.

Follow Sabrina’s research on Alchemy of the Past

Leah Powell (M.Phil)

Leah unearthed a passion for Archaeology & Anthropology at the University of Bristol (UK) and later pursued this at the University of CambridgScreen Shot 2015-09-14 at 19.42.19e (UK) where she specialised in the material culture of the British Bronze Age.

During the Economies of Destruction project, Leah will be focusing on the region spanning from Southeast Britain to Northwest France and attempt to investigate the relationship between these two landscapes across the English Channel. Leah also hopes to examine more deeply the complex tradition of Early Bronze Age metalwork deposition in these areas, which includes hoards, burials, depictions and single finds.

Marieke Visser (M.A.)

Marieke studied Archaeology at Stockholm University (Sweden), specialising in the Prehistory of Northern Europe and Osteoarchaeology.

Within the Economies of Destruction project, she will study the rise of metalwork depositions in West Denmark (Jutland), North Germany and the Northern Netherlands. One of the aspects she will investigate is the differences between deposition practices in watery places and in burials in the region.

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