Excavation in Denmark – understanding depositions

The EoD-Project is currently cooperating with archaeologists from the Museum Midtjylland in Denmark, who are excavating a fascinating site in Boest (Jutland) with burial mounds, an alignment, house structures and deposited objects. At this location five huge axes from the Bronze Age were found last year (http://sciencenordic.com/five-massive-bronze-age-axes-unear…), deposited together in the ground. Usually, the exact location and context of depositions is unknown, which makes this site so exceptional and interesting for the EoD-team. Together with the partners from the Museum, we will now try to get a bigger picture of this site within the landscape and the practice of deposition.

Image Source: hsfo.dk

Article in a Danish newspaper: Excavation in Boest (Jutland/Denmark)

You can find more information about this excavation soon on this website and our facebook page: EoD-facebook

Text by Sabrina Autenrieth