EAA 2016

At this year’s EAA (31 August-4 September) in Vilnius (Lithuania), Prof. David Fontijn will chair the full day session “The selective deposition of metalwork in the Bronze Age: a Pan-European phenomenon?”. The session will take place on Saturday, September 3rd in the Faculty of Philosophy, Room 201 at Vilnius University from 9.00 to 18.30. Two of the project’s PhDs and Prof. Fontijn will give a talk on their current research.

We are looking forward to a very interesting day with speakers from all over the world!

A detailed programme of the session can be found here:
The selective deposition of metalwork in the Bronze Age: a Pan-European phenomenon?



Some Words About Swords

The project’s PhDs Marieke and Sabrina are currently working together with Prof. David Fontijn and network specialist David Schoch on a case study about Early/Middle Bronze Age swords in Northern Europe and the Middle Rhine region.

Right now we are busy collecting data about period IB swords from both graves and depositions, including the objects that were originally combined with the swords. This study will shed light on the practice and significance of the deposition of swords and we hope to share the results with you in the future.

Currently, there is an exhibition at the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden in Leiden about the history of swords, where some of the most spectacular swords from our research region are displayed. Don’t miss it!


Text and pictures by Marieke Visser/Sabrina Autenrieth

Boest: Bronze Age at its best

The EoD-Team participated in this year’s excavation in Boest (Jutland, Denmark) in cooperation with Museum Midtjylland. The exceptional site of Boest includes burial mounds, an alignment and last but not least: depositions. It offers a unique chance to investigate the exact context of these depositions, which include bronze axes, spearheads, flints and golden rings. The current excavation focused on documenting the alignment which consists of five rows of postholes. Surprisingly, traces of three houses were discovered.

We also visited several important archaeological sites in the area, including the find location of the Egtved Girl; the site of Jelling; Horsens Museum, where the first deposition find from Boest is exhibited; Moesgaard Museum; and the National Museum in Copenhagen, where the most recent deposition finds from Boest are displayed. We hope for continued cooperation at the site next year and we would like to thank the excavation team of Museum Midtjylland for letting us experience this fantastic site!

Text and pictures: Marieke Visser/Sabrina Autenieth