EAA Vilnius 2016

The EoD team is back in Leiden after attending the 22nd Annual Meeting of the EAA in Vilnius, Lithuania. The sessions took place at the beautiful old university in Vilnius.
On Saturday 3 September, the session “The selective deposition of metalwork in the Bronze Age: a Pan-European phenomenon?” was held, chaired by Prof. Fontijn. We can look back on a great day filled with insights in selective deposition in all parts of Europe as well as in China. It was fascinating to see how the practice of deposition seems to be so widespread in time and space and that specific depositional patterns reoccur, even with different cultural backgrounds. The project’s PhDs presented a paper/poster on their current research and the session was concluded with an inspiring discussion, in which the need of a database containing all metalwork from Europe was emphasised. We also took the opportunity to visit the archaeological exhibition at the National Museum of Lithuania and to see some of the lovely Old Town of Vilnius.

The visual presentation of Sabrina’s paper about Early Bronze Age depositions in the broader Middle Rhine area can be found here and the talk itself here.


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